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Dell® Alienware now comes with Killer™ Wireless-N Technology


More power and flexibility for gamers

Dell powers its laptops with Killer Wireless-N TechnologyDell is going to give a shot in the arm of its gaming laptops by adding network adapters manufactured by Bigfoot Networks, a high-performance networking products company. As announced by Bigfoot Networks, the company is going to provide its Killer Wireless-N 1103 high-performance network adapters to Dell Computers for its latest gaming laptop PCs, including Dell Alienware M18x, Dell Alienware M17x, Dell Alienware M14x and Dell Alienware M11x computers.

In fact, Dell Computers is the first company to partner with Bigfoot Networks for its high performance Killer Wireless-N 1103 network adapter. The joint decision taken by both Dell and Bigfoot Networks is going to boost the sales of the companies and set-up a robust platform to reach out to customers. The customers in turn are going to enjoy state-of-the-art network technology which will ensure ultimate gaming experience coupled with great HD video streaming experience.

Build on Visual Bandwidth Control application, Killer Wireless-N 1103 network adapter is going to give the customers the power to manage and control bandwidth allocation to various applications. What it means is that now users can decide and tune upload and download allocations of the precious bandwidth for each online application according to their convenience. For instance, if a user is downloading a movie and an online software simultaneously, he can allocate the bandwidth to each of them accordingly based on what he wants to be downloaded first so that he can begin his work on the same.

At present, Dell laptop PCs with Killer Wireless-N Technology are available in four configurations – viz. 11″ for Dell Alienware M11x, 14″ for Dell Alienware M11x M14x, 17″ for Dell Alienware M17x and 18″ for Dell Alienware M18x laptops. The laptops with Killer Wireless-N 1103 network adapters come with advanced features like Advanced Stream Detect, Visual Bandwidth Control, PC Monitor, Cutting-Edge 11n Performance, etc.

Users who have a passion for gaming, online HD videos and songs are going to have a great time with Dell laptops powered with Killer Wireless-N 1103 network adapters. So, get one and experience the thrill of gaming.



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