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Dell® Inspiron Mini 910 review

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Product Review Summary

Dell Inspiron Mini 910 systems are a series of notebook laptops, high performance computer with best graphical support. It uses Intel Atom N450 processor with 1.6 Giga Hertz speed. It works well on Windows 7 Starter Edition. Another remarkable feature is the 10.1″ Wide Screen Display with good resolution of about 1366×768 pixels.


Dell Inspiron Mini 910 systems need 1 Giga Byte DDR2 SDRAM. Another requirement is 160GB 5400 RPM SATA hard drive. It needs Integrated Intel NM10 Express video card and also requires 24WHR Lithium Ion Battery. It display comes with vibrant colors. Another important usability of Dell Inspiron Mini 910 system is touch pad, which supports multi-touch gestures. It is also less in weight and highly portable.

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Dell Inspiron Mini 910 systems contain many features that add convenience to users. The 10.1 inch wide screen is a special attraction. It helps the users with visual difficulties to view and do the work. Dell Inspiron Mini 910 laptop does multi-tasks at high processing speed. Intel Atom Processor helps this laptop to process with high speed. The 160GB hard disk and 1GB RAM is capable of meeting your requirements. The resolution provided by this Dell Inspiron Mini 910 series laptop is high. Best graphical features are another usability of this laptop. It provides high battery life and you can get extreme clarity with its best display surface and 16:9 ratios. It has a keyboard, 92% of the size of traditional ones.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:

    FIVE – High performance

    Dell Inspiron Mini 910 system has high processing speed. It uses Intel Atom TM N450 processor and has 1.6 Giga Hertz speed. This series of laptops are capable of doing multi tasks at one time. The 10 inch screen is best for reading and watching movies on screen. It is assisted with two 1 watt sound speakers providing best entertainment.

    FOUR – Best Hardware features

    Another remarkable feature of Dell Inspiron Mini 910 series is the best hardware. It uses improved Intel Atom N450 Processor. It can process multiple tasks at 1.6 Giga Hertz speed. 1GB RAM and 160GB hard drive are best storage devices and it can accommodate a large volume of data and application software. Intel GMA 3150 Graphics adapter gives you best graphical assistance.

    THREE – Special design

    Dell Inspiron 9 series or 910 systems are given a special design. Four case colors, Bluetooth, WWAN are some of the features of its design. A smart TV tuner helps you to access TV programs. It is provided with GPS system and glossy screen. The touch pad and keyboard offered by this Dell Inspiron laptop is able to assist all the operations of users.

    TWO – Other features

    Dell Inspiron is provided with a smart touch pad. It is devoid of separate mouse buttons and is helpful in handling mouse pointer on your Dell Inspiron Mini 910 system. It is light weighted and portable. It can be operated on whatever place you like. The best graphical features and high processing speed make it a best laptop. The wireless WAN connectivity is another special feature of this laptop.

    ONE –  Improved Battery life

    Dell Inspiron Mini 910 laptop offers best battery life. The power management feature you adopt increases the durability of Dell Inspiron laptop. The battery in Dell Inspiron Mini 910 system provides 9 hours uninterrupted usage of your computer. As less power is drawn from battery for the operation of Dell Inspiron 910 system, it produces less heat and adds lesser pollutants to the environment. These features make this laptop an eco smart and user friendly device.

As Dell Inspiron Mini 910 system incorporates the best features to provide best performance and high graphical assistance, it is one of the best laptops among others in the Dell Inspiron family.

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