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Error codes in Dell® Inspiron 580

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What does the error code in Dell Inspiron 580 mean?

Dell computers have error codes that alert the user if there are any problems with their computer. An error codes in Dell Inspiron 580 is an enumerated message that represent faults and errors within a personal computer. The causes for these errors are different; they can be caused by faulty hardware, erroneous device drivers, and even buggy software programs. These error codes are specific to Dell computers.

Here is a list of error codes in Dell Inspiron 580 and their corresponding solutions:

  • What do the error codes in Dell Inspiron 580 represent?
  • Addressing the error codes in Dell Inspiron 580
  • Contact Service and Support

What do the error codes in Dell Inspiron 580 represent?

There are many causes which results in error codes in a Dell Inspiron 580. Some of which are microprocessor register failure, problems in NVRAM, ROM BIOS checksum failure, programmable interval timer, DMA initialization failure, DMA page register read/write failure, Slave DMA register failure, Master DMA register failure, Master interrupt mask register failure, Slave interrupt mask register failure, Interrupt vector loading failure, Keyboard Controller Test failure, Video Memory Test failure, Screen initialization failure, and a lot many.

Addressing the error codes in Dell Inspiron 580

There is a level of knowledge in computers required from the user in order to properly address the error codes in Dell Inspiron 580. For example, C: Drive error or a C: Drive failure will require the user to reinstall the driver correctly into the computer to solve the problem. The 8042 Gate A-20 error requires the user to restore the computer to its factory settings in order for it to work again. Depending on the level of damage the computer has experienced, the solutions can vary from simply reinstalling or reprogramming the BIOS software to replacing hardware in the CPU.

Contact Service and Support

Majority of error codes in Dell Inspiron 580 can be addressed by anyone who has basic knowledge of building a computer. However, errors such as “Cache Memory Bad”, “Do not enable cache”, or “CH-2 Timer” error codes need a professional’s expertise to fix these problems. They are the only ones who know the specific settings of these parts of the Dell Inspiron 580.


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