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BOOTMGR Missing in Dell® Laptop Issue

What causes missing of Boot Manager in Dell Laptop? Get tips to fix it.

Dell range of computers includes desktops, laptops, netbook, etc. all of which are high performance devices that integrate top of the line high quality components to deliver unmatched performance under optimal power usage. All of the computers, irrespective of their configurations and designs, are installed with a program called BIOS that is loaded before the installed Operating System. The Boot Manager or the Boot Loader in a computer is also equally important as it is the program that loads or initiates the startup code of the installed Operating System into the memory of the computer to perform a system startup after the initiation POST tests are performed by the System BIOS. The Boot Manager is located in the master boot record or the MBR and since the initiation of the installed Operating System is done by the boot manager, any issues with it will directly affect the startup of the computer. Dell laptop series also utilizes Boot Loaders or Boot Managers to initiate Operating System startup and any issues with it will affect startup of Dell laptops. Installation of incompatible programs, improper startup configuration and other valid problems in the system are some of the main reasons that causes issues like Boot Manager Missing or Failed to find OS loader issues in Dell laptops.

The following points discussed below will help the users to fix up issues with the Boot Manager in their Dell laptops:
  • Using startup repair
  • Using CMD
  • Using third party programs

Using startup repair

The users who are experiencing issues with the BootMgr in Dell system are advised to startup the system after inserting the original Operating System installation disk in order to access the startup repair menu. Accessing the startup repair menu and selecting the suitable options to automatically repair the BootMgr will fix up issues with the system startup and will allow the users to perform clean normal startups under minimal errors.

Using CMD

The automatic startup repair option will work in most cases and in case if it did not work out quite well, then the users can try to manually fix the BootMgr using related options in the CMD window. Selecting the command prompt options from the system recovery options and inputting the ‘bootrec/rebuildbcd’ in the CMD window without the quotations will rebuild the corrupt or missing BootMgr in your Dell laptop. Doing so can enable the users to fix up all issues with the BootMgr in your computer and startup the system normally without any errors.

Using third party programs

Apart from using the startup repair options integrated in the computer OS, the users can make use of several other third party BootMgr repairing applications for fixing valid issues. Most of these applications are free to use and is having compatibility with all major OS versions and is having a very easy-to-use simple graphical interface which enables its effective utilization by all levels of users.

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