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Fix BIOS Update Failure of Dell Latitude laptop

What are the reasons for BIOS Update Failure of Dell Latitude laptop and how to fix the issue?

Dell Latitude laptops are mainly designed for the business users. They provide flexibility, mobility and convenience to the customers. Dell Latitude laptop has excellent keyboard and touchpad with smooth surface. It also has excellent wireless performance and good quality display and it can add more USB ports. It is a high featured laptop with user-friendly equipments. It has a 14.1 inch display screen and the processor used is Intel Pentium M 755. It has 1GB DDR2 RAM memory with a speed of 533MHz, and 60GB Hard Drive which rotates at 5400RPM. In spite of it’s good performance,Dell Latitude laptop may shuts down suddenly if the BIOS update fails. BIOS controls all the hardware attached to the system. Whenever there is a new hardware incompatibility or issues with upgraded Operating System, then you need to update the BIOS to resolve the problem.

Following are reasons due to which Dell Latitude laptop shuts down frequently and tips to fix the issue:
  • Check the battery
  • Need to update system BIOS
  • Check RAM

Check the battery

The sudden shut down in the laptops are mainly due to the battery issues. You have to check if the battery is properly working or not. You could try running your Dell laptop on A/C power without the battery. Then you could confirm that the battery has any problem or not. If there is problem try to replace that with a new one. Try to buy the licensed company product itself.

Need to update system BIOS

The system BIOS needs to be updated as it is essential for the firmware which allows the motherboard to boot and then tests the basic system devices so as to ensure that they are working efficiently. It also prepares the system for booting up the Operating System which is stored on your computer hard drive. If there is any issue with the BIOS then you might encounter shut down issues.

Check RAM

If the RAM of your laptop is not working, it might cause shut down problems. Try to make it clean from the dust. Try to download the memory test from the manufacturer’s website. After that, make a bootable floppy or CD from the program as instructed. This will run a simple memory test automatically. Then you could confirm that if there is any problem with your RAM. If there is a problem try to replace the RAM or repair it.

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