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Resolving Keyboard Issues of Dell® Alienware® M17x Laptop

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Tips to resolve keyboard issues of your Dell Alienware M17x laptop.

The new Dell Alienware M17X is a gaming laptop with stealthy design, aluminum chassis and a customizable lighting system. The laptop uses an Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX9300 processor with two 160 GB hard drive in a RAID 0 configuration. The laptop is provided with dual NVIDIA® graphics cards with an Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor and an 8 GB of RAM. The system uses Microsoft® Windows Vista® 64-bit edition as its operating system. The laptop uses an efficient keyboard with multiple colors and offers flexible keys. The keyboard software might get a number of problems while working. Some of the keys might not work. You need to tightly press some keys for its smooth functioning. Pressing “Shift” or “Space” key for a long time might deactivate some keys. The problem might be due to the hardware. The other reason for this problem is the mapping issue of the keys.

The following are tips to resolve keyboard issues in Dell Alienware M17X laptop:

  • Install keyboard properly
  • Remove damaged keys
  • Update the system
  • Replace keyboard

Install keyboard properly

You might not be able to type text in your screen with the help of the keyboard. The problem might be with the installation of software. You need to check if the keyboard is installed properly. If not, you need to unplug the keyboard first and then plug it properly. After rebooting, the software might work properly. You are also required to check if BIOS recognizes the keyboard.

Remove damaged keys

You might get problems with some keys. You might need to press the keys tightly to input the text in your system. A key might produce more than one letter when pressed. There is an option for removing your damaged keys. You could remove the keys with a CPU “chip puller” tool. Then you could buy the new keys from a laptop shop to replace it.

Update the system

You need to update the keyboard drivers before you install the keyboard software. You need to update system components to ensure that it is compatible with the keyboard. You need to update the BIOS and change its settings to support the software. Other software and hardware are also required to be updated to support the keyboard software. You need to keep your system updated with current and compatible system modules.

Replace keyboard

The final solution for problems in the keyboard of your Dell Alienware M17X laptop is to replace it. You could connect a wireless keyboard to the laptop which acts as the original keyboard. For this you need to connect the keyboard to the USB port of the laptop. You could access keyboard from Internet to perform the typing works.

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